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Dr. Leo A. Rudoy has been practicing dentistry for many years.

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  Our Mission

QUALITY - We are committed to excellence in dentistry. We strive to provide the highest quality dentistry. We use only the highest quality materials and supplies and will not cut corners just to save expense. We have scoured the area to find the finest Dental Laboratories to ensure that your restorations are the best technically possible. We know that if sub-standard materials are used the service life may be dramatically diminished, and can often lead to more serious dental problems.

TREATMENT - We promise to treat all pateint with concern, dignity, and respect. We will take whatever time is necessary to fully understand your concerns, and develop a treatment plan together that meets your goals. Preservation of your natural teeth through preventative and restorative dentistry is a priority. It is our goal to provide pain free dentistry and your comfort is one of our primary concerns. We respect your right to confidentiality, and we fully strive to comply with all HIPAA privacy standards.

EDUCATION - All our staff including dentist, dental assistant and office staff are continually furthering their education through courses, workshops, and meetings with industry representatives. Our goal is to provide you with the latest, least invasive, and long lasting dental procedures.

TECHNOLOGY - We have committed our practice to using the best diagnostic nad treatment equipment on the market. Through the use of digital intraoral photography we are able to diagnose problems using many times the magnification previously possible with the naked eye. Our digital radiography system (x-ray) not only allows for the same high magnification diagnostics, but also subjects our patients to 90 % less radiation than non-digital systems. Every treatment room has a computer system and a plasma TV screen which makes possible a high level of patient education and treatment planing for any issue being discussed.